Semalt Expert Knows How To Delete Referral Spam From Annoying Domains

Referral spam has been around for months and has destroyed a large number of websites. Did you recently checked the Google Analytics account and found something strange there? In recent months, Darodar, iLoveVitaly, and Blackhatworth have damaged a lot of websites. Their referral traffic is always fake and incomplete. Today we are going to tell you a few methods of how to block referral spam in Google Analytics and Darodar. Referral spam has been around for months, and you must have heard a lot about it on the internet. To be honest, it is a trick to get your site fake traffic and ruin its rank in the search engine results.

Blocking Analytics referral spam is mandatory. For this, you should follow these simple yet amazing steps stipulated by Artem Abgarian, a lead professional from Semalt.

#Step 1: Collect list of spam subdomains and domain

The first step is to compile the list of spam domains and subdomains. You should make a list of the domains that send you false referral hits. Try your best to name all of the domains that are a victim of this problem. Once you have done so, you can easily block their IP addresses and can adjust your Google Analytics stats.

#Step 2: Excluding Bots

It is important to exclude all bots while preparing a list of referral spam. There is nothing to be confused about as bots are different things and referral spam is something else. Inside your Google Analytics account, you should select the Views option to exclude bots from the list. Next, you have to scroll down, making sure that you have eliminated all the good bots from this list.

#Step 3: Create Copy Views

Let me here tell you that this step is optional. It means you can either do it or not and that depends on your requirements and understanding of referral spam. If you want to create copy views, you should create filters and their multiple copies in your Google Analytics account. Select the domains and subdomains that are receiving fake views, and create multiple copies for all of those domains.

#Step 4: Create Filters to Block Referral Domains

It is easy to create filters to block referral domains. If you have multiple domains and want to create several filters, this option is right for you. It may not be possible to create separate filters for all subdomains. Go to the All Filters section and name those filters. Select the Filter Types option and exclude the bots and keep creating different filters for different domains.

#Step 5: Wait before confirming that referral traffic is blocked

Once you have followed the above steps, you should wait for some time to confirm if referral spam is blocked or not. You will be able to see improvements in your Google Analytics stats. Once the filters are created, the referral spam gets removed from your website automatically.

Final Thoughts

Before ending this topic, we have presented a list of spam domains to have an idea that you should stay miles away from,,,, If your website shows 100% bounce rate, you may want to change the settings in your Google Analytics account.